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Minister Debbie J. Johnson has the heart of God which manifests in her life and the lives of those close to her.  In 2000, Minister Johnson was anointed and appointed by God to teach and evangelize globally. 

In 2005, she co-led an outreach mission to Africa and traveled to Kenya to fellowship, connect, share, and gain knowledge with the Sisters of Umoja.  This trip was transformative in her life and has propelled her to spiritual heights that allow her to share the uniqueness of each and every single soul.  In 2010, Minister Johnson helped coordinated a large Haitian assistance project following the horrendous earthquake in that country.  She coordinated donations of wheelchairs, crutches, and prostheses by working with local companies, vendors, and transportation services. In her community, she works tirelessly in outreach services, including motivational presentations, hospital, rehab ,  hospice family counseling, and prison ministry.  Thousands have been touched by her evangelism and generous spirit and in the evangelist's words, "The church must not only meet the needs of the Lord’s worldwide community, but lead people to establish a personal relationship with Christ.”

In 2016 God called Minister Johnson to Pastor House Of Grace Ministries located at 8550 Florida Blvd in the  great city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And she became Pastor D as we so loving call her . HGM Ministry was founded on reaching the lost, helping those in need, showing the love of God to all , and growing and equipping disciples for Kingdom work in the body of Christ , and outside the walls of the church . 

Minister Johnson recognizes that God has equipped her with a bold spirit of service. She has been anointed with a unique way in delivering the word of God .  Her vision for ministry is not her own, it is the vision that God has set forth and called her to complete. She is the proud mother of one daughter, Tonya, and an adoring grandmother to Hannah Grace.

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